We have installed a CCTV system in our Surgery. Here's some more information about it.



Closed circuit television (CCTV) is installed at the Practice premises for the purposes of staff, patient and premises security. Cameras are located at various places on the premises, and images from the cameras are recorded.

The use of CCTV falls within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the 1998 Act”). This code of practice follows the recommendations issued by the Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with powers under Section 51 (3)(b) of the 1998 Act.

Why we have installed CCTV

  • Ensure the safety of patients, personnel and property

  • Reduce costs of vandalism

  • Reduce costs of theft or damage to expensive medical equipment and other valuable assets

  • Protect staff and patients by deterring and resolving disruptive and violent behaviour in waiting rooms and other public access zones

  • Reduce risk and cost of theft of drugs from surgery

  • Deter and protect against the threat of patient abductions or abuse


The Practice's CCTV policy

  1. CCTV is in place in the waiting room, corridor, reception, car park.

  2. CCTV has been installed solely for the safety and security of our patients and staff.

  3. Images are recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week and stored on the hard drives of the recording devices. The recording devices are situated in locked rooms and only the manager and owners of the practice have access to the recordings. The manager regularly checks that the CCTV devices are working as intended.

  4. The CCTV only records images and does not record audio.

  5. All CCTV recordings are stored on our recording devices/ hard-drives for 30 days beforebeing deleted.